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Thread: FREE Phone Number + Incoming Calls VoIP

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    Well I have a Nokia 770 so its like a free moible phone for me, but this should also work on your computers. So far it looks like you can get free incoming calls without signing up for anything or giving any CC etc. I think it may be USA only, maybe Canada?

    This is a nokia 770 but anyways

    Step 1: Download, Set Up, and Register an account on Gizmo
    Don't sign up for anything that you have to pay for.

    Step 2: Take note of your SIP number. It has a phone number like format

    Step 3: Go to, and set up an account for GrandCentral. This place lets you
    pick an area code and select from a bunch of REAL phone numbers.
    Then you associate that number with other phone numbers.
    This is all free.

    Note: (you could even just use this service to have it forward to
    your real phone number.. say for example you didnt want to
    give out your real one to someone.. so thats cool too)

    Step 4: Once you have a grand central account set up, go to settings.
    In the Phones section choose type Gizmo from the drop down box
    and put your SIP number in there and save.

    And that should be it..Call the real grandcentral number and it should ring in Gizmo if you have it running and set up properly. Thanks tmcnet for the images.
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    wow what a phone!!! try to call to the company and asq them what to do if you have number of usa and how you can use it on "canada" or what ever


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