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Thread: Why Doesn't Kl Let You Disable File Sharing?

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    Why doesn't Kazaa Lite let you disable sharing out of your own files, like Kazaa does?

    The obvious answer would be that it's "not nice" not to share your own files, but disabling file sharing hardly seems more dishonest than, say, automatically giving yourself a score of 1000 The rest of KL seems designed around the princinple of giving the user the most control over what the client does, in ways that the original Kazaa did not.

    (It's also easy to write a script that would check the contents of your shared folder every 10 seconds, and move out any files that aren't named *.dat, to prevent any files from being shared once they're downloaded.)

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    not sharing retards the system while allowing users higher participation rates increases the spread of sources through the network
    use the Kl ability to hide your shares from being searched for by 'more from same user' if you're worryed about people knowing what you've got B)

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    If you want to disable sharing in k-lite just do the following...

    Right click on the k-lite icon in the task bar and exit.

    That will prevent people from ever getting your files, and save those who worry about leaches from worrying about you
    Peace of mind Findnot

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    Originally posted by tracydani@2 June 2003 - 15:40
    If you want to disable sharing in k-lite just do the following...

    Right click on the k-lite icon in the task bar and exit.

    That will prevent people from ever getting your files, and save those who worry about leaches from worrying about you
    woot woot

    More to the point klite does let you disable sharing, but i'll let you figure it out because i don't want to aid/promote LEACHING

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    Yay!!!! I like it when I finally see someone tell it the way it is.

    Right click on the k-lite icon in the task bar and exit.
    So if you don't want to share then do what was said.
    That's the best solution.

    Way to go tracydani.

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    Forgot about this for a month, then started using KL again and found the way to disable file sharing.

    Jesus, you guys who posted responses (except for the guy who was also asking about how to do it) are a bunch of hypocrites. If you don't want to promote leeching then you shouldn't be using KL at all, which allows you to give yourself a score of 1000 regardless of whether you're sharing anything or not. Sharing 10 files and giving yourself a fake score of 1000 in order to jump ahead of anybody else waiting to download, even people who have earned an *honest* score of 500 or more, is a lot more leech-like than disabling sharing of your own files but using the honestly-assigned score that KaZaA gives you.

    There are people who have randomly acquired knowledge, and people who have intelligence. Generally, when people won't share knowledge, it's because they're insecure about their intelligence and want to (a) hang on to any edge that they have over someone else, and (b) make believe that their extra knowledge makes them intelligent. I guess you losers will have to find something else now.

    To disable file sharing in KaZaA:
    Go to Options->KaZaA Lite Options->Traffic, and in the box marked "Shared Folder", change the folder for "Location for downloaded files". The words "Shared Folder" in that box are actually incorrect because that's *not* your shared folder, it's the folder where files are downloaded to. To configure which folders are shared, go to Options->Find Media To share.

    Since your download folder doesn't have to be the same as any of your shared folders, you can download files to the download folder, and make your shared folder empty.

    Of course you should be sharing, to be a good community member, but if you have a reason not to (like the bandwidth limitations that someone pointed out), this is how to get around it.

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    If you read around a bit in the past(from the time pl first came into play) you will see why some of us chose to use the cheat.
    It had nothing to do with wanting to cut in line.

    For those of us who are dsl users and above the pl would penalize us. For example, I can dl 768kb/s but can only upload 128. Now because of this extreme difference between the two speeds I would usually have a score of around 40 out of a possible 1000. This would but me somewhere close to last in line even though I gave as much as possible from a large library of files.

    I am one of the people who have their computer on 24/7 and share everything I have at all times(or did when I used kazaa). For kazaa to institute something that punishes me for my connection is silly so I used the cheat to make me even with others. Remember(if you ever really knew this) that the pl only affected those who upgraded. Otherwise everyone else had a score of 0.

    This cheat did another thing. It caused all others to be treated equally when they tried to connect to me. All were treated as if they had a score of 0 and no one could cut in line if they wanted something from me.

    If you had been around when this was all going on you would know that many members of this forum had the same problem and chose to use the cheat for simmilar reasons.
    Of course their are gonna be some who abuse it but that will probably never change.

    Thanks for giving them another way to leech though, that is much appreciated. Fortunately it won't affect me because I haven't used kazaa in a couple of months.

    Peace of mind Findnot

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    Originally posted by Acecool@8 June 2003 - 11:51
    Fag, why not share...... Sorry but not sharing and leeching means your a fag.... erm well not really but its stupid and people who are sharing 80+ gb and an ass starts dling every single movie they see and arent sharing, haha, you think i want to allow that?


    Everyone starts somewhere, start with music, programs etc then start with 1 movie.


    Wow, that is very mature.

    Assuming if you leech off of someone, you automatically become a queer.

    Although, It isn't nice to leech and not give back to the community.

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    Who said we all use the cheat?? I don't use it I have it turned off
    but yet I have an honest PL of 1000 & I find I generally get faster downloads without the cheat
    Take what you want it's on nearly all the time anyway.

    Don't want to share then don't, will I cut you of? probably not as I can no longer be bothered checking anyone & I do know most do not have large (real) PL as most people downloading of me are either low or master (1000)
    Having said that others do cut of leachers so haha

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