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    ok, I'm finding emule quite good with speeds of around 8k/sec. Does anyone know how I can see my speed limit or is there anything like a PL which determines how fast my downloads come.

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    credits are none viewable.

    download speed limit is what you set in the preferences.

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    So you will never know when you are acheiving the best you can?
    (in comparison to seeing 1000 participation level)

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    you wont be able to see what amount you have since these are stored on other peoples computers. The more you share, the better or more credits you will get. This will help you get more priority over others.

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    You can play with the numbers in emule. Try a few different settings in the connection wizard and then go back to connections and change the upload speed down a few notches while you have a decent download going. If it doesn't get better, look into NetLimiter and set the uploads and downloads in emule itself to unlimited. Then use netlimiter to throttle and fine tune the Outgoing bandwidth. That way, emule thinks your giving unlimited bandwidth and you get a high client ID from the server without killing your download speeds.

    I had to do this because my upload/download ratio was rediculous with no incoming sources and a monthly cap. You're supposed to maintain a 3:1 ratio download/upload. Mine was 1:21 download/upload!
    You'd think my credits would be high enough to get what I want but the program apparently has bugs. No server.met found every time I open it, yet I go into the program and there it is.


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