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Thread: Confuddled On Burning!

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    Hi all I have Nero Burner software whicha has super cd etc. I have been splitting my movies but wish to put then all on to one disc (ie. 900mb) which should be possible but nero shoots in the red after 750mb.

    Please you fountain of knowledge out there help me as its doin my Head in! Thanks to all who helped me b4!

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    I don't have Nero installed, but if I'm not mistaken you should:

    - Go to Settings (or Preferences or whatever)
    - Go to Expert tab
    - Check "Enable Overburning" (or similar, I can't remember exactly)
    - In the two boxes below that enter "100" and "00" (which means 900MB in minutes)
    - Click OK

    Now, when you press "Burn", Nero will suggest to overburn the disc. Accept it. You should do fine.

    Please remember:

    - Your CD burner should support the "overburn" feature (if you can burn 90min discs, then you're fine)
    - The CD burner should recognise the 900MB disc. This is not a standard size, and some burners choke on it.
    - You should burn at a lower speed than usual, preferably much lower. This way the burner stays on track and doesn't "derail". I even burn at x4 when it's a 850MB+ file.

    Maybe you know all this already, but look it over again. It works for me.

    P.S. If by "red" you mean the red marker at the bottom, it has no effect. You can set it to whatever value you want in the settings (same for the yellow marker).

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    anything over 700mb is in the red because it is technically overburning. even despite the fact that some companies sell 800mb and 900mb cd-r's (i'm guessing mainly in europe? i've never seen those for sale in the U.S.).

    there is no official written-in-stone standard for cds over 700mb/80minutes... so until that standard is agreed upon by the industry, the companies that make cd players/writers, cd burning programs, and the "major" companies that sell blank cd media will not officially support it.

    burning over 700mb to a cd-r is done at your own risk.

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    Help !

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    Hi all thanks for your replies. However i have checked my burner compatabilty it does support overburn. I have also run aburn through express and I have set the settings to overburn. The file size bar at the bottom ahs went up, butr still it will now burn the files. Now I am well pished off! Someone out there must put an end to this Nero nightmare!

    Help people! Thanks

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    sorry, keeps crashin this site derrrrrrr


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