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    Title says it all. I'm looking for a download manager for large non-Kazaa-retrieved downloads (LOL - If there is such a thing), so I'm wondering if anyone can recommend any.

    Before you start recommending any though - If you're recommending any of the following DON'T EVEN BOTHER POSTING THEM. Simple fact - These, while being in the more popular side of this type of software, are notorious for either having spyware and/or adware in them, and/or do sod all of a job - If I wanted software that did those I'd go back to KMD!
    • GetRight
    • GoZilla
    • NetSonic (Has 35 different types of ad/spyware - Recommend this one and I'll know you're a noob&#33
    • Download Accelerator

    One that I knew was good for a while was the one that was bundled with ZipMagic (I think it was DownloadMagic) - That was alright but it kinda screwed up my downloads when I was on a 56k dial-up years ago. I'm just wondering if anyone else has any other good managers.

    Naturally, it doesn't matter whether it's free or is needed to be registered

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    I haven't found the perfect D/L manager for me yet.
    Tried several. This is the one I like best until now: Download Mage

    Also read this thread:

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    I recommend Star Downloader. Automatic resumption of broken downloads. Downloads may be scheduled with automatic dial-up and disconnection. An integrated unzipper will auto unzip and install downloaded files. Will integrate your anti-virus software to auto-scan downloaded files. FTP, HTTP, and Proxy supported. Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP. Free. 1.34MB I like Star Downloader. It's freeware & integrates into IE6 & Opera7.

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    i use this and it easy to use, and you should always check the verifieds because their all in their

    in here look for internet download manager version 3.14 with crack

    and this program alwasy gets alot of thumbs up

    easy to use interface.

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    zapjb i downloaded the star downloader the last time you recomended it and i find that it is really good but it doesnt seem to work for me with opera do i need to chage a few settings or something?

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    i would recomend flashget. its pretty good.

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    Originally posted by Illuminati@2 June 2003 - 16:43

    Kontiki at has proven to be an unassuming workhorse.

    From the website :
    The Kontiki Delivery Manager is Windows-based client software that enables efficient, secure delivery of content to users' desktops through the Kontiki Delivery Management System.

    Plus it's free!

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    Do any of the above come without spyware.

    I know gozilla has and havent bothered with them since Kazaa lite

    But I could use a good one


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    i definately recommend flashget. get it from -- years of 56k use and ive tried all the download progs, but flashget is superior to all of them.

    Please let me know which one you like


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