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    I saw ages ago in the verified section that someone had 8 in 1 windows xp, how can you 4.7GB into 600-700MB??

    I've tried but I cant seem to do it.

    Please help


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    ok firstly u cant, no matter how much u try to compress, my advice would be use winrar and make lots of 700 meg files, burn them, copy them onto the pc u want and then unrar them


    Read the win rar help file, it should explain all

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    whoops, url may be wrong, just do a search

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    It is possible because i've seen it

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    well there are really big compressors that game rippers use but even then they can only compress from 700 megs to 140!

    U may be able to do it, but i have tried before and not done it, just use cds and then wipe them if u want

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    game rippers use UHARC, its really hard to find though
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    Originally posted by DarthInsinuate@2 June 2003 - 19:04
    use UHARC, its really hard to find though
    Download UHARC here.

    Edit: GUI version here.


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