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Thread: Rtcw Et Kick A** Game

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    Here is something a few people might like. Its the new return to castle wolfenstien enemy territory.. Its abosolutely free. However its only an online game.. but its really kool. You wont need a cd key to play online since the company is giving it away for free. I heard the guys who were making the single player maps bailed out. SO they decided to give away the multiplayer. enojy guys... just copy and paste the link. You only need one.. pcik the one with faster connection.




    have fun..

    i will cya fragyn

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    why dont you just go to the official site?

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    Well becuase the official site wont let u DL it . The official site send you to another web page. So might as well just give the people the direct link.

    However here is the official site for anyone who wants to go through a little more work. h**p://

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    they just give you mirrors to dl from whats your point?

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    Well its like when people do hash that u must press alt-c to copy then open sig and paste it there.. Where they could have just placed it as a link. To avoid all that extra work... thats my point. Why make poeple do extra work. ( my opinion)


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