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Thread: I'm looking for DW TRANSFORMERS comic scans

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    I have searched the net for Dreamwave Transformers comic scans and figured if I'd find some one who had some any where I'd find them here.

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    on something.
    When I'm on emule I share mine there. Just some G1 and the WWII Transformers vs. GIJoe, mind.

    I think others share theirs on there too

    Otherwise I dunno exactly where to go that doesn't require a membership or owt.

    Might be some hosted on rapidshare or one of those.

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    I've found the Transformers comic series in Demonoid. In fact, they are still in my bookmark.. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to download them before the site got closed.

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    Just to let you know, Transformers was an anime series, so maybe you should try looking for the manga.
    Although I'm not sure if the manga was ever published, maybe the comics were only published in the US, this is all speculation ofcourse.
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