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    I was wondering what is the best CD Emulator because the one i have is ok but i cant find a crack on kazaa for it so i need a new one and the best one in your minds perferbaly. thanks for posting and if you dont post well ok

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    1 word, 1 number

    alcohol 120%

    that shoud be all u ever need

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    daemon tools which is free but all the web pages links have been taken down

    and alcohol 120% which is in the verifieds section so try searching.

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    Thank you yyiryyib I used alcohol 120% and it work just fine

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    Daemon tools for emulating only (short download)
    alcohol 120% to ripp and emulate CDs. Good Luck

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    Alcohol 120%

    -Copy CDs
    -Create Images
    -Burn Images
    -Emulate CDs
    -Up to 31 virtual drives

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    A________ 120%

    you fill in the blank


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