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    what is the cartoon version of the matrix called "animatrix" with keanu reeves doing voiceovers

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    what is the cartoon version of the matrix called "animatrix" with keanu reeves doing voiceovers*
    It is a cartoon version of the matrix called "animatrix" with Keanu Reeves doing voiceovers

    I saw some of them on TV but didn't really get into it. They're supposed to be a "bridge" between the two released matrix films (or at least the one I watched was supposed to be...)

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    its funny because keanu and carrie-anne have less that 30 seconds voice time between them dont get me wrong I f**king love the matrix the story is so original it kept hills off hollywood alive but the animatrix is a big hype each track contains two chapers with the second chapeter being a 7 min credits kinda of reminds me of the lotr extended edition:

    (buy this dvd over 30 mind of extra features they forget to mention that 20 mins of that is extended credits the wankers)

    totally hamared

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    animatrix is spans from the time when the machines take over to the invasion of zion. 4 out of the 9 episodes are easily available over kazaa. pretty interesting anime especially for a usa production.

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    4 of the episode you can download from

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    Animatrix is there to explain to you various things that weent in the movie. such as the first machine to rise against the humans. the big battle between the humans and the machine. The first artifical lifeform craeted. whi is shown walking and various other things. There great to watch and well worth veiwing

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    a kid story

    ha ha ha it makes me open my eyes
    ! it was neo trinity and morph talking !
    u will find who is the kid !

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    is this the cartoon on channel 5?


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