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Thread: Rogers Fights BitTorrent by Throttling All Encrypted Transfers

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    "In its ongoing war against BitTorrent, Canadian ISP Rogers decided to throttle all encrypted traffic. ISPs and BitTorrent client developers are playing an ongoing cat-and-mouse game, but Rogers really crosses the line here. A very bold move, to say the least, which affects not only BitTorrent users, but everyone who is using encrypted transfers."

    This one goes to you Canadians apparently. The Canadian-based ISP, Rogers, was one of the leading ISPs that attempted to limit their bandwidth usage by stifling Bittorrent (BT) traffic. This in-turn, of course, led to popular BT clients such as uTorrent or Azureus to add the feature known as encryption to bypass any attempt to hamber BT traffic.

    According to a TorrentFreak article posted by Ernesto, Rogers has finally caught up to the fact that Peer-to-Peer users have adapted their software to include encryption to send their data faster. In response, ALL encrypted connections have been throttled, which in turn is hampering other encrypted services such as email. View the source article for more information. - hairbautt

    Source: TorrentFreak
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    this is realy fck up..
    Canadians, I'm sorry for you..

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    Not me I'm on Delta cable thank god . Ah give it a week there will be a fix . Guess all their subscribers can now cut back on the premium plans like the 100 gb d/l per month etc.

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    lol their fastest connection profiles are so pointless.
    $10 more for an extra 1mbps, and if you go over the cap you gotta pay for it. With the lower profiles you can go over and they don't do anything.

    Luckily I never use bittorrent or encrypted connections so I never see any problems.

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    im not with this isp and never will be. plenty of choices out there

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    throttling all encrypted traffic? does that include SSL? cos if it does that restricts banking and eCommerce as well, which wouldn`t make sense, sort of like biting the hand that feeds you, legal open source software is available via BT and it would be reasonable for someone downloading legal open source software to then use protocol encryption to beat the throttling by ISPs who ASSUME that if you are using BT that you must be downloading copyrighted material illegally. I think that it`s moving towards some form of licencing for BT use, some way for the Corporations to gain control of the transfer protocol they can`t stop, The War Continues......


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