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Thread: Blind As A Bat...

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    HAHAHAHA thats fucking amazing good joke

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    Odd, but for some reason, my joke disappeared. I'll repost it.

    During the night, a giant vampire bat flew into his cave ... attaching himself to the roof. Other bats nearby quickly notice that he's dripping in blood and move closer to him. "Hey, where have YOU been?" says one bat. "Yeah, yeah, tell us please," says another one. The giant vampire bat grumbles and replies, "Oh, just leave me alone." But, the other bats keep after him, pleading with him to tell them the source of his blood ... and finally, he gives in.

    Flying out of his cave, the giant vampire bat flies up one hill and down another. A few hundred other bats are following close behind. Finally, the giant vampire bat comes to the top of a hill and hovers. "Look down in that valley. Do you see that tree off by itself?" The other bats say, "Yeah, yeah, we see it!" Then the giant vampire bat grumbles again, saying, "Well ... I didn't. NOW will you leave me alone?"


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