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Thread: Fantastic Four

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    Ok so its confirmed for the Fantastic four, with george clooney being named as one of the top stars are there any marvel super heros left which have not been converted to the big screen I can only think of the silver rider and captain america but then i dont read comics

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    They really need to do the Silver Surfer. I'll bet they could do a good job with that now.

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    Originally posted by bravehart_70_2000@2 June 2003 - 23:56
    They really need to do the Silver Surfer. I'll bet they could do a good job with that now.
    Please, for the love of God - NO!!! Is nothing sacred anymore?? The Hollywood system would only spew up some effects-heavy heap of shit and they would probably cast some fat fuck like Affleck in the leading role. Who would play Norrin Radd?? Who could play Galactus?? Why don't they just have done with it and have a massive crossover plot between Marvel/DC/Darkhorse and any other comics they can shoehorn in?? It makes me mad ......sorry.

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    So you dont want too see any more comic to film movies but you have to admit they havnt done a bad job so far (I havny seen dare devil yet), clooney is to play the elastice chap and there is going to be lots of CGI (whats new)

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    i think IRON MAN would be a good 1 to do, has good collection of heroes and villians, just a thought cya

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    Ahh you know they already did a fantasic four in 1994 but it was sp crappy the didnt release it but u can find it on kazaa.
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    If they were gonna go back to the DC universe I think the Green Lantern story wood be pretty cool.

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    they did do i captain america but its major old school

    I would like to know what all you ppl think would be a good movie based on a comic book

    i vote ghostrider
    i never really read much of him but i think it might be cool
    im not sure i might have heard something about this beal turned into a real movie..i dunno

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    why would they make a ghostrider movie? marvel doesn't even release the comics anymore

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    Ghost Rider is on the way, and Nicolas Cage will be the star.
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