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Thread: AVG: Cannot move virus to vault?

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    Got a virus called 'Trojan Horse Dropper Generic DZD' but avg detects the threat but cannot move it to vault. Access to file has been denied? plz hlp!!

    is there any other program tht gets rid of this?
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    Alot of times when a virus or trojan comes up as a Generic, its possible its a false positive and AVG's heuristics is detecting it as a new trojan. When a virus cannot be quarantined its usually because its imbedded inside a file rather than a separate entitiy. But in that case it should give you the option to delete the entire file rather than heal.

    One thing you could try is to run AVG from safe mode, and scan the specific area where its reporting the trojan. Safe mode gives your anti-virus and spyware cleaners a better chance at working because it limits the malwares effectiveness at protecting itself.

    You can also try one of the online scanners to see if it picks up the same file. If your unsure its real or a false positive this will give you a second opinion without trying to run another anti-virus.


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