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Thread: Can't Install Sonar 2.2

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    Hi everyone,

    I've got SONAR 2.2 downloaded with k-lite but I am unable to install it.
    I've got DirectX 9.0, but Sonar 2.2 asks for DirectX 8.0, wtf?
    Why can't it recognize the newer version? I am also unable to install DirectX 8.0 over 9.0 - it just can't work.

    Does anybody have a suggestion what I could do?

    Thanks in adavnce.

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    I've tried everything. I even asked in every forum on the net.
    I removed dx9 with a remover and reinstalled dx8, but for nothing.

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    Is this Sonar 2.2 from cakewalk? If it is, it's a buggy piece of shit! I tried the demo and It wasn't installed for ten minutes before I got rid of it. My AC97 sound and drivers weren't good enough for it. MS midi wave mapper wasn't good enough for it. "you have no midi out puts". " your sound drivers are already in use" , "would you like to disable your sound drivers and continue anyway" And that stupid folder game where every time you click to open, it goes back to the previous menu again without opening anything.
    Definately not up to cakewalks usual standards!!

    It didn't ask about directx on my system though.


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