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Thread: Invites To Trade

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    I am looking for an invite to FTN, FSC, or SCT.

    I can offer the following invites:

    Torrent Leech
    Digital Hive

    I'm also on FL and TB with great ratios, but they dont give out invites. I will send proof of ratios if required.

    BTW: of all the torrent sites I'm on, I actually use Digital Hive the most because they constantly offer a ton of free leeches on everything. It's a great site to be on to build up a ratio.

    I know level 5 trackers are hard to get, but its impossible to get one if you can never get on one! I'm hoping for some generosity!

    Please PM me. Thanks!

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    i wish you good luck, even if its harder to get what you want

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    u won't get any of them with this offer.. u should aim to get level 2-3 and build massive buffer and then try to trade them


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