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Thread: I have 2xAudionews & soon 2 come 3xGFXNews invite-Want 2 trade wit OINK invite only!!

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    I have 2 Audionews invites and soon I will have 3 GFX News invites. I will trade one from each site for one OINK invite.

    I have a 24 mbit download stream with a 3 mbit upload stream but I seed way more than I download because my ISP only lets me download 60 gig a month which I reach half way through the month. I can only seed thereafter.

    I am a dj and have about 130gb of non crap mp3s, good quality hardtrance, trance, hardstyle, techtrance, dirty house, electro house, tech house, r&B, hip hop. A broad range of music.

    I also have a friend in germany who sends me cds of all the latest german trance. I regularly upload cds i rip onto my pc onto torrent sites

    Please someone let me share on this excellent tracker!!
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    You'll need to bite a pillow for Pimpie to get an invite to that tracker!

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    it was worth a try. I need one badly, like.... BADLY. I guess i'll just have to wait until Audionews and GfxNews become 100% invite only, then things will change. I think it will happen pretty soon. I've already had problems with their server issues maxing out


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