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Thread: Vampirella - All Of The Original Comics -CBR format

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    Vampirella was originally presented as an inhabitant of the planet Drakulon, a world where people lived on blood and where blood flowed in rivers. Drakulon orbited twin suns, Satyr and Circe, with the former erupting at irregular intervals to destroy all life on the planet. As the effects of the explosion wane, a new civilization begins. The race of which Vampirella was born, the Vampiri, were able to transform themselves into bats at will, sprout wings when required, and drink blood.

    The story begins with the inhabitants of Drakulon being destroyed slowly by Satyr's latest eruption. The last few lie dying when a spaceship from Earth crashes on the planet. Vampirella, sent to investigate, is attacked; retaliating, she discovers that the astronauts have blood in their veins. In order for her race to survive, she manages to pilot the ship back to Earth where her adventures begin. Vampirella becomes a "good" vampire, and devotes her energy to ridding our world of the homegrown "evil" kind.

    Harris Comics revived Vampirella in the miniseries Morning In America, written by Kurt Busiek. Soon thereafter, Vampirella was established as being brainwashed by her sister and brother (in the story "Mystery Walk") and led to believe she was from the planet Drakulon. She learned that she was, in fact, the daughter of Lilith, who (non-Biblical) legends say was the first wife of Adam. Lilith would not submit before Adam and was cast out of Eden. She mated with demons in hell, giving birth to vampires who would kill the offspring of Adam and Eve on Earth. Later, she sought redemption from God and gave birth to Vampirella, whom she sent to Earth to kill all evil vampires. According to this account, Drakulon was a part of Hell where Lilith lived and ruled.

    Vampirella Lives #2 (Jan. 1997), cover art by Adam Hughes.
    Vampirella Lives #2 (Jan. 1997), cover art by Adam Hughes.

    * Vampirella

    The heroine is considered a vampire, since she needs blood to survive and has many of the typical vampiric powers, including increased strength and reflexes, shapeshifting into a bat, and a mesmeric stare. She is not prone to the group's traditional weaknesses, such as daylight, holy water, garlic, or crosses. She cannot, most importantly, transform others into vampires. She does not attack people to drink their blood, except occasionally when she herself is attacked. She is almost always scantily clad. The name is said to be inspired by the comic strip and movie character Barbarella.[citation needed]

    * Conrad van Helsing

    A blind psychic and vampire hunter, he makes the substitute blood serum that keeps Vampirella's thirst under control. He was pursuing Dracula and initially tried to destroy Vampirella, believing her to be akin to that vampire lord.

    * Adam van Helsing

    Conrad's son, and the last of a long line of vampire hunters, he followed his father's steps and became a paranormal researcher. He is portrayed as more open-minded than his father. He believed Vampirella was not evil, and eventually he and she fell in love. Vampirella has often helped Adam in his research. Adam was killed in Vengeance of Vampirella #25

    * Pendragon / Mordecai the Great

    A former sorcerer, now a sideshow magician. Vampirella often traveled with him in the Warren stories.

    * Madek and Magdalene

    Evil brother and sister of Vampirella, who planted false memories of the planet Drakulon in Vampirella's mind. Vampirella also has a blonde twin sister, Draculina, who appeared only once, in Vampirella #2.

    * Nuberus

    The demon who tempted Vampirella with her true origin in order to gain access to Earth.

    * Pantha

    Initially, alien shapeshifter from Vampirella's native planet who can morph into a black panther. She is generally portrayed as more violent and feral than Vampirella. Later stories rewrote her origin to that of an ancient Egyptian cursed by the gods because of a murderous spree. She is cursed to live forever, with periods where she does not know who or what she is.

    * Lilith

    Vampirella's mother. Based on the Lilith from an alternate version of the events of Genesis, she was the first wife of Adam, and the sire of demons. She sent her daughter to Earth to atone for her mistakes. Vampirella Revelations #0-3 (see Bibliography) revealed a more sinister side to her.

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