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Thread: xbox 360

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    Feb 2006
    does anyone here have a xbox 360 hooked up to a 20" or 22" WS LCD monitor?

    i got a 20" and thinking of getting a xbox 360 to hook up to it as well as my pc and laptop.

    thing is xbox 360 doesnt support 1680x1050 and aspect ratio of 16:10...
    so would have to go with a different rez... so was woundering if u can notice it looks abit screwed up...

    i tryed 1024x768 on my monitor with new C&C game on my pc to see if i could notice anything and couldnt realy notice much... the video clips had bigger black bars on tho...

    so anyone got anything to comment with?

    someone at xbox forum put this:
    The VGA cable gives you a lot of choices on the resolution to display, but I find that the resolution right above the 1080 selection gives me the best picture.
    also does the Wii support 1680x1050 rez? and how about the PS3?

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    I have my PC and Xbox360 (via component) connected to a 23in Samsung LCD HDTV (

    In my video settings I have it set at 1080i, but the aspect is grey'ed out and I cant select it.

    It looks fantastic to me! No squished characters or anything like that. So thats my 2c
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    also, is it true that u can hook up an external harddrive to the USB and be able to read videos and music files off it?

    i read that its possible and but its read-only so cant use it insted of the proper harddrive.

    if it is true is there any codec problems for .avi files?
    can u also play HD files such as .tf or whatever they are?

    and can u send films and music to ur 360's harddrive over the network and watch them that way?


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