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Thread: J.A Happy Early Birthday.

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    Happy Early Birthday Jessica Alba.

    Jessica Alba's birthday is on the 28 April 1981.

    Im celebrating her birthday now because i have assessments in that week and wont be very active at FST.

    In celebration of her early birthday party, id like to kick start some things off.


    Giveaway. If you are to ENTER this competition, then you will abide by the rules, or i will eliminate you.

    2) Client Screenshot
    3) You have never been a member of the tracker you are requesting an invite to.
    4) You use the account and do not abuse it/trade it. It will be very closely monitored.

    So whats up for grabs? Invite wise? Ahh not much, the same old same old.

    1 Invite to TvT x 200GC
    2 Invite to RTS
    1 Invite to Thors (Level 3.5)
    2 Invite to F**(Level 3.5)

    1 Invite to NB (Level 4)
    1 Invite to F**(Level 5)
    Accounts wise? Ah lets see what i have to offer.

    SCC 230 GIG buffer
    TD 150 GIG
    HDBITS 900 GIG buffer
    E***O 250 GIG buffer
    Ask for what you want and what you will use. All winners will be contacted VIA PM.

    If you have been a member at the tracker before then DO NOT ask for an invite/account there.
    Happy birthday Jessica Alba.
    Wish me luck in my exams

    Have a good day



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    1 Invite to Thors or FTN

    will put the screens later

    I hope the oink ratio will be enough.....

    and yes

    Happy Early Birthday Jessica Alba

    And GOOD luck for ur exams........I am off to my exam now cya
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    Delta of the NiLe
    Great giveaway m8 , happy BD J lol

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    The Matrix
    Edit: People need it more than I do
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    Happy birthday Jessica, you are goddess!!! I have some days before Jessica, also birthday, and I would like a gift .. I'd like very much an invite for F**[3.5].
    Nice contributing in the community Jessica (not the real one)


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    GL for everyone, amazing
    And GL in your exams, and of course happy birthday to J.A
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    Great giveaway
    (i'll post my wishs later ) #22

    & sorry for the pm
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    would like F** (either, never been at either)
    would never abuse generosity

    edit: good luck, dont sweat the small stuff eh?

    edit 2:

    better up to that server
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    good luck to you JA in ur coming exams....

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    Good Luck in your exams, mate.

    Btw, when is this competition over? I don't have much time right now, but I'll get the info as soon as I'm free from homework.
    No Whining

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