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Thread: Emule Guide For An Idiot

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    The title says all,any ideea?

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    install, start up. double click on a server, and when connected, search for the file you want, and double click to download, and the rest a patientience

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    Patientience ? i download 164mb in three days

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    Mate if u goto transfer page>right click a file scroll down to
    web services and theres all the help and faqs shit. ck

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    If you click on hashes from well-known sites like ShareReactor, you will usually get a lot of sources and great speeds. I download about 2.5 gigs/day, using cable. Then again you can ask around for proper settings on the official emule-forums, filled with emule-users who know a lot...

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    Doesnt emule put extra software on your computer? I think it starts making words different colors in internetexplorer or something. I would rather not have that on my computer. If anyone knows anything about this, or how to get rid of it, please share. Thanks,

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    No theres nothing bundled with emule, its clean. But there are other clients out there that do have adware or spyware attached.
    @cyruseh Try adaware6 or spybot search & destroy (find them with google) and it may get rid of that problem.

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    Thanks for the reply. I havent actually Installed anything yet though. I was going to install a version of eMule but it gave me a fair warning that it would do that. So im wondering, what is a clean version of emule that wont have any adware on it?

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    I'm pretty sure emule and emule+ arre clean
    I not sure if overnet has ads
    The emule homepage: that version is guaranteed to be free of any crap and is the standard version

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    Ok, Ill give that a try. It is possible that I was looking at eDonkey, it has been a while since I tried.


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