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Thread: Free Hard Disc Space

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    My pc won't clear up hard disc so wonder if anyone knows of a good prog to clear away useless clutter?

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    hehe....... i was gonna ask sorta the same question...... so ill post it here instead of cluttering up the board......

    i need a disk-cleaner 4 a friend of mine...... she's got tons of usesless crap on her comp, alot of temp files..... i just dont dare 2 just del them......

    her comp's running REAL slow...... is this cause of them files???? or might this have some other reason:

    here r the specs:
    os: win XP
    HDD: 16 GB, 4 GB free (no partitions, is this mayb the problem?)
    cpu: intel 1Ghz AMD Duron
    RAM: 256 MB

    its a HP all in 1 comp ...... hey not my idea....
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    cleansweep used to be ok...

    but then again that was years ago, dunno is theres a new version.

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    i dont know about deleting the files (except for using disk cleanup in windows) but a program to see where your HDD space is going is called Treesize Professional. Get it here

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    Windows Washer is a great program for getting rid of Temp folder files, files from surfing the internet, deletes stuff in your recycle bin, and has other features. You can also try McAfee Uninstaller or McAfee QuickClean. It cleans those things also, plus you can uninstall programs you don't want.

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    i've just installed Windows Washer 4.8 (full version)
    and ran it.
    it recoverd like 100.8MB. its a nice soft. download it from kazaa (lite).

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    Best just to download a trial version of windows washer from the web, I got one from verifieds didn't work

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    Sure getting rid of useless files helps but for speed you also need to regularly defragment
    your hd also get a look at your startup-processes.

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    whats wrong with the good old fashion way of just going through explorer and deleting all .tmp files, you cannot delete vital files cos if u try it will warn you that windows is using them...

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