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Thread: 'New' Tolkien novel goes on sale

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    A new book by The Lord of the Rings author JRR Tolkien has gone on sale, 34 years after the writer's death.

    The Children of Hurin has been completed by his son Christopher from a series of unfinished manuscripts.

    Christopher said the story, set long before the events of the Rings trilogy, represents the last major work by his father about Middle-Earth.

    The book has been illustrated by Alan Lee, who worked on the movie series and will help launch the book in London.

    Fans will recognise several passages from the book that have already been published separately.

    Christopher Tolkien previously edited another of his father's unfinished works, The Silmarillion, in 1977. This outlines the mythology of Middle-Earth and includes individual tales, including that of The Children of Hurin.

    "After a long study of the manuscripts, I tried to build a coherent narrative without editorial invention," Christopher said of the latest work.

    Tolkien's grandson Adam, who worked as assistant editor on the book, told BBC Two's Newsnight it had a different tone to the Rings trilogy.

    'Beautiful tale'

    He said: "It is definitely a tragic tale. I don't know what people will make of it.

    "It takes place in a part of Middle-Earth that doesn't exist any more when Lord of the Rings takes place but it is very much Middle-Earth, it is very much the same world but it is a more serious tale."

    He added: "It's a beautiful tale in itself but it may not strike a chord because people feel there aren't enough hobbits in it - because there aren't any."

    The Lord of the Rings has sold more than 150 million copies worldwide and was made into three hugely successful films.

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    Adam sounds like even more of an idiot than Christopher

    Oh well, I expect I'll read it for completeness, but I'm not expecting anything earth-shattering.


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