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Thread: I Need Help With An Mpeg

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    This is problem i have had for quite some time, Mpegs just wont play!!!!

    it doesnt matter what i do, i can still burn them to vcd and they will play just fine on the dvd, but on the pc, not a chance, it just crashes the media player, im really stuck!!

    Any ideas, and i have tried re-installing all the codec packs a million times so dont even suggest that

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    Try a different media player?
    how about bsplayer or media player classic?

    What sort of mpegs? Is it really all kinds?

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    give the newsest Windows Media Player a go, mine seems to play almost anything under the sun, i think version 9 is the latest, but im not sure if its still a beta or not.

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    yes it is all mpegs, and on all players, i dont know what it is, it will only seem to play in virtual dub where it has to parce the mpeg file!

    it will ot play or even give a screen shot in any players

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    try BS Player included min the k-l codec pack.

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    like i said i have reinstalled all of the codec packs a million times, it isnt the codecs cos its an mpeg

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    I've found some movies that only played with the Playa (comes with divx) but I'm pretty sure they were all avi's

    The windows media player has only gotten worse and worse. Use mplyer (start / run / mplayer) it is the best, and it is included in XP but you might have to dig around program files to find it.

    What type of mpg does virtual dub say it is?

    I've also got some things to work by installing an older codec, then a newer codec, stuff like that. But with this install of XP all I did was install the latest divx (from a few days ago) and Nimo. The only problems I think are in some of my video files... which is why i'm here.

    I have a movie says in the name of the file "Use.MPG2AVI.To.Convert.To.AVI.file.AC3.Sharereactor.mpg" but I think it's bs.
    Tried to open with VDUB but it says "MPEG Import Filter: pack syncronization error"
    TMPENC wont open it. And renaming to AVI did nothing for me. BSPlayer says Unknown format (). I'm working on getting mpg2avi but most of the links are bad.

    Maybe I'll just rename it to .bs and give up. Good idea?

    (I'm going to post by itself)

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    Someone correct me if I'm wrong... can't you just play a piece of an mpeg without a special header or anything? Like if you chop one in half with a file splitter both parts will play - you dont need some special movie splitter software to do it.

    It is hard to imagine a mpg not working unless it's contents are just junk, like maybe you got hacked or something.
    Someone told me the other day that none of their mp3's would work after doing an update on m$... which I figured he had some hdd corruption or whatever, but... just and idea.

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    no i didnt get hacked, it is an actual problem

    It will not play, so dont suggest its a dodgy mpeg, its stright out of tempgnce like all the other mpegs i eva made, it will play when burned to vcd, i think its somthing on pc, but i dont know what!


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    I had the same problem. Saved everything that couldn&#39;t be replaced easily to cd/rw&#39;s and then reformated and re-installed everything cleared the problem up. Also stay away from WMP 9, think that is where problem originated. and it can&#39;t be uninstalled even if you set a restore point before installing.

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