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Thread: Storing Removable Hard Drives in Cold Weather

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    Hi Guys,

    I have a couple of removable hard drives which I use to backup my data on.

    I like to keep them away form my house (in case of fire or theft etc).

    At present I keep them in the boot of my car (in a box with towels wrapped round them - to protect them from vibrations)

    This has worked for the last 4 months.

    But now here in New Zealand we are coming into our winter.

    I wonder if they will be able to stand the cold we get here at nights ?

    Any comments ?

    What do you do ? I had though about taking them to a friends place, but that would be a hassle picking them up when I want to do more backups etc.



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    I bought one of those blackbox they use on aeroplanes and stored all my data in there. It's in sandwiched in between my matress right now.
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    I just checked Seagate web site for some specs.

    Temperature, Nonoperating (C) 40 to 70

    But I think that storing them in a car is a bad choice.

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    on something.
    Agreed, he should dig a hole, and bury them!!1


    Wherever you put them, it probably couldn't hurt to put them in something airtight and anti-static for long term storage.

    And remember to let them sit for a long while before using them if you've had them out in the cold, just in case of condensation and that.

    And also: Couldn't you let someone else hold on to them, or put them in a deposit box or something? The car doesn't sound like a good place, as VB says.


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