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Thread: Sending Messenger Pop Up Message

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    I use to get a lot of MSN Messenger pop up messages mainly pornographic messages until I didn't had a firewall. But I learnt that those people use net send to send these messages. Could anyone tell me that how can one use net send to send messages across the net. Is there any place on the net where I can read more about it ?

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    first off that didnt make any sense

    second if your wanting to spam people you should die in a very slow and painful way

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    I don't want to spam anyone. And if I wanted then I wouldn't have posted a question over here. But I just wanted to know how these people send messages to people who do not have firewall.

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    I know what he means, I used to get them all the time, they aren't anything to do with msn messenger, it's all sentusing the netsend i think, I disabled them cos they where comin up every 20 seconds at one point this is the software they use to send in bulk

    it should be illeagal


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