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Thread: My First Website

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    check out my first website.
    wicked or what!?

    My Webpage

    and i've just finished my final year of graphic design at college, and there's an exhibition at Mitchell Library, in Glasgow.

    some of my work (and other students) can be seen here:

    My Work

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    lol... its ok... Graphic Design eh? My uncle is a Graphic designer he usually comes to me to ask me how to do stuff...


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    This is my first site too

    Take a look

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    crazy_billy_bats's Avatar Poster
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    May 2003

    i like your site dude!

    i like your pictures too, well done.

    of course, like most things in life, needs a little more work

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    Hi ya hypoluxa3k, Just took a look, Not bad mate, some good pics, like the layout.
    The idiosyncratic syntax of riddles interests me

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    hey celebs, I've been wanting to see you all day!

    Any chance you could come on klchat and help me out a bit with creating the flash text please?


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