Game Fuel - Mountain Dew to Release Special Soda for Halo 3

According to AdAge, Pepsi Inc has plans to launch a caffeine-laced version of Mountain Dew as a “game fuel” and in sync with the August release of Halo 3, the new title for XBox 360.

Associating a product so close to the target public with an application that’s considered THE game for XBox 360 is a major move by Pepsi. In the three-month period the beverage will be available, it should be one of the most commented upon accessory for the much anticipated game, that has been on top of the wish-list for the 2007 releases.

This initiative follows Mountain Dew’s positioning as a game-friendly beverage, sponsoring gaming events and such.

Reported in a bulletin-board post as a 20-ounce bottle with the “Halo 3” logo and an image of its central character, Master Chief, along with the words “Game Fuel” and “limited edition.”, the drink contains amazangly 120 milligrams of caffeine per bottle.

'We literally played ['Halo 2'] for three days straight without sleeping,' said 21-year-old Russ Petrick of Woodland Park, Colo., who stayed awake by chugging Mountain Dew. 'It has 54 milligrams of caffeine. You drink enough of that, it will keep you up.' That's what the Pepsi-Cola North America brand is counting on as it readies a red-hued, citrus-cherry-flavored, limited-edition Mountain Dew that will carry the name of the much-anticipated "Halo 3" for Microsoft's Xbox 360. Touted as the first soft drink created for and co-branded with a video game, the new Dew is positioned as "game fuel." (jeffpaiva)