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Thread: Hotp2p A P2p E-mail (e-mail Me 700mb Movie ,plea

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    HotP2P is a P2P e-mail and file sharing application that allows an unlimited number of e-mail messages and file attachments of unlimited size to be sent to other HotP2P contacts.

    Other features include instant messaging, private group folders, private mini-web server, and file searching.

    HotP2P is made up of a front-end client application and a mini-file server background application that handles all file sharing and transfers.It is posibile? receiving an e-mail with 800mb movie?

    more info

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    IMHO this wouldn't be possible. But I'll bow to some of the experts around here for the particulars.

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    one i have to pay for that, two it sucks.

    but thank you for telling us about it.



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