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    ok, i got this email today:

    "Have you any idea if it is possible to make my modem dial more slowly? How to find out, even?

    Freeserve only works when dialled through BT. My phone (an extension) is BT but rerouted through a company called Euphony (via a box) so, to get it to recognise a BT freephone number, I have to put ## in front of my number in the call waiting section of the dialup properties. This worked fine on Win 98 and 2000 but XP seems to make my modem dial faster and the ## is not registering before it dials the number. This means I can't access Freeserve while calls are routed through Euphony.

    I know a slower dial rate will work because if I dial up by hand, just using the phone keypad while the rerouter box is still linked up, I dial slowly enough for the ## to bypass Euphony before the BT number is dialled and it connects fine.

    If you have any idea how to slow down the dialling of the modem or know of any forum, whatever, you can ask, would you let me know please.

    I should have known upgrading to XP wasn't gong to be straightforward. Nothing concerning PCs ever is."

    Any help at all would be great.
    Thanks in advance

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    create a calling card, that may help. or try putting the number as the number to dial an outside line, im sure there is a setting to wait a certain ammount of time.

    calling card. = control panel, phone &modem options, edit the dialiong location. and you'll se it there.

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    ok, thanks for the reply
    couldn't create a calling card, apparently the hash key isn't valid, however, i passed on the outside line tip.
    thanks, just need to wait and see now

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    just a thought try replacing the hash with country code(ie uk +44)and double check the number and drivers if you have upgraded from 98 me the drivers dont tend to work correctly if at all..good luck


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