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Thread: is there a free nfo index?

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    I am trying to download some stuff from the newsgroups but it is impossible to find anything!

    All the nfo indexing sites I used to use are all fee based bullshit now and the alt.binaries tree has grown exponentially so finding anything without knowning exactly where to go BEFORE you start turns into a friggin scavenger hunt from bloody hell!

    I have been away from the scene for a while and there is this NZB thing but I don't know how to leverage them. I have been using agent, newsleech, and newzbin as my clients and know how to use them but I can't find anything anymore and don't have time to download all the headers for 50 ka-fuggin-trillion alt.binarie groups hoping to ACCIDENTaLLY find what I am looking for!

    I have the EXACT nfo names for like a dozen files I want to get off the newsgroups but can't figure what fuggin subtree the damn things are hidden in.

    newzbin, cgindex, and nfosearch used to be great! Pop in the name of the nfo you are looking for and BOOM out pops the exact news group they were posted in! Now its a bunch of bullshit pay us $$$$$ / month service cahhhhhrappp!
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    Look here. There are plenty of links that others have posted that you may find helpful.

    Start posting in the Newsgroups section too, you'll yield much better results.

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    all the good ones are private


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