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    Recently I've been getting pop-ups, even when I'm not doing anything, except sitting at the desktop. Now, it's become irritating, as to when I am playing fullscreen games, it interupts the game to bring up a pop-up. I'd rather not have my computer being a billboard for some computer speed up program . It happens especially when I bring up my homepage (Google, which never has ads) from a new browser window in Internet Explorer. I've used both Spybot and Ad-aware, updated their reference files, and done a deep scan and delete of spyware on my computer. My computer is spyware free from what both programs say. How can I stop these pop-ups from infiltrating my system? I'd rather not use a pop-up killer, but actually kill the problem so I don't have anything eatting away at my memory. Any suggestions? Thanks for any help .

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    Run msconfig, go to the Startup tab and uncheck each box one at a time (except for things you know you need), restarting after each one to see if it fixed the problem. That might tell you what's causing the pop-ups and you can then decide if you want to keep that program or uninstall it.

    If nothing there seems to be causing it, then run Internet Explorer and go up to 'Tools' and select 'Internet Options'. Click on the Security tab, then click on the 'Default Level' button for each of the four zones. Then go to the Privacy tab and click on the 'Default' button there, too. Sometimes when you install something, it'll change these settings so their adds can get through easier.


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