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Thread: Do We Want To To Find Our K-lite Friends?

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    I just had an id. Dont know if it's stupid or smart...
    As lots of u probably noticed, u often download files from the same users. Not strange, since it's much a matter a matter of taste what u choose to upload... The problem though is that finding your favorite uploaders can be a real bitch, since user names arren't personal and there is no such a search function...
    A solution to this, i figured, is:
    If all users (who don't think this is stupid) created a doc. file with their usernames; ex: dumbster@kazaa, we can all with a simple search in k-lite find our uploaders and hereby their files!
    Whaddya think?

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    it's been tried before. the problem is that not everyone you want will be on the same supernode as you. you'd have to keep on jumping supernode until you found the person.
    a better idea would be either direct connect, soulseek or ftp.
    good idea though

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    You're totally right about soulseek and the others, but that's just the problem; not all too many uses these and they make you have to be active as an uploader too...
    Just figured that with the new k-lite and it's limitless search option maybe the user name doc. just might work...
    Anybody wanna give it a try?

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    As newbie newbie newbie said,this has been tried before and not worth all the trouble and effort.Much better ways to share or other p2p's that allow you to hook up with your mates.

    EDIT:Why post this in the tips section??This is not a tip.

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    Originally posted by NMO@4 June 2003 - 08:21

    EDIT:Why post this in the tips section??This is not a tip.
    It would have been a tip, had it worked? But ok. Won't keep bugging you about it now...


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