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Thread: Xp Product Key

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    i need a xp product key

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    um all you have to do is search kazaa. its there both pro and home

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    Look in verified hashes. Pnned at the top there is a Windows XP topic with all you need to know.

    Also read the forum rules, which state that you're not allowed to openly ask for serial numbers...

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    I laugh to myself when I think about it...

    Imagine a typical Joe at his typical work asking a question to a coworker: "Got a serial for Windows XP?"
    "Are you nuts?!? You could get fired or sent to jail!"

    Now take this forum:
    "Got a serial for Windows XP?"
    "Oh, yeah. Of course. Check out the pinned section. You can't miss it. We've got a million ways to get it..."

    My point? This forum kicks a$$. Rock on and long live K++ and the K-Lite forums!



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