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Thread: I Feel Sick...

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    I've been having this grumpy throat feeling all day, and Im afriad I might be getting a cold again. I just got over the cold a few weeks ago. But I didn't do anything to get sick, perhaps it was me standing a bit too close to this girl that was snorting and sneezing. But I wasn't that close.

    Anyways,w ehenever I do get sick, I feel depressed because the sun is shining and Im stuck wearing warm clothes and resting inside.
    I get sick every year, multiple times.

    My question is, how do some people never get sick?? I see them everyday, healthy and happy all year long. Is it just genetics or do they get their flu shots (I neglect to do this).

    Does anyone have any home remedies, that does not involve me eating too much, because that just makes things worse and I feel bloated with food.

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    I feel your pain.

    I'm one of those lucky bastards you were talking about.
    Haven't been sick in years.
    I recommend Lucky Strikes and lots of coffee.
    Sleep deprivation seems to help also.
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    Hot Irish Whiskey with lemon and cloves. That'll sort ya right out.


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