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Thread: Participation Above 1 000? How?

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    how can i get my participation above 1 000?



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    I don't know how but try to put the question here

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    In the latest testbuilds in Options you can enable" show true Participation Level".

    If your PL is important to you you're going to love it. You can go as high as 19,210.
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    Well arent you a greedy basterd. Half of those idiots using the spyware version of kazaa dont even have a participation level of 100, let alone 1000.

    And here you are wanting more.

    Greed .............."A fool and his avi's will soon part" (famous quote, altered to suit your stupidity)

    Download and be merry.

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    You can go as high as 19,210.
    IT TRUE!!!

    But you have to leave your Kazaa uploading for a LLLOOOoooooonnggggggggggg time, and not a single download.

    But then again what the point of getting your participation at level 19,210 but still get the same download rate at 50.

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    are you still considered a klite master on anything over 1000?
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