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Thread: 5 Songs That Changed Your Life

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    1. Anti-Flag - Die For Your Gov't
    2. System Of A Down - Chop Suey!
    3. Metallica - Turn The Page
    4. Papa Roach - Last Resort
    5. Edwin McCain - I'll Be

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    can a song really change your life? just think what would have happened if you hadnt heard the song, or it was never made? woah...

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    Sure it can.

    "Die For Your Gov't" influenced my views about politics.
    "Chop Suey!" influenced my beliefs about religion.
    "Turn The Page" taught me ppl have it worse than I do.
    "Last Resort" was the first rock song I liked.
    "I'll Be" makes me think about this girl...

    Okay, I'll admit the last song didn't change my life, but the four previous songs did...

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    Hole- "Violet" (First song I heard by Courtney Love who, as a female myself, influenced me to play guitar.)

    Marilyn Manson- "Sweet Dreams" (Introduced me to the wonderful world of Marilyn Manson.)

    Metallica- "Enter Sandman" (Introduced me to Metal)

    ..........It's hard to think of specific songs that changed my life. I could easily name off bands.

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    wow this is a great topic

    1. Plush Stone temple Pilots (had to play this song in a band for someone he lent me their CD to learn it and man i have been so hooked on them since!&#33
    2. Smells Like teen Spirit nirvana (If it wasn't for this song i would still been a teen
    3. Stariway To heaven (when i learnt this song on guitar it was the 3rd song I lent I knew I could play guitar once I learnd it
    4. house of the rising Sun The Animals (the first song I ever lernt on guitar)
    5. Song 2 Blur (first time I heard this I though Blur were just a heavier alternative band then i got the album and it was like wow how different got me into british bands from then on&#33

    and ive goto say ACDC Let There Be rock introduced me to solo guitar and what a real guitaist was!!!

    Uolgy by tool (got me into Dark lyrics)

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    Wow - tough choice!

    1 - bon Jovi's Livin on a prayer made me think "Screw all the pessimists - I can do it if i believe!"

    2 - hanson's dying to be alive made me start realising that most of us take life for granted. I try and enjoy every day and try to be as nice as possible to everyone now!

    3 - Avril Lavigne's complicated made me realise that a lot of people are obsessed with fashion and fitting in...i do my own thing and if it's different - so what?

    4 - Rolling Stone's It's only Rock and Roll - it cheeres me up and makes me dance about...

    5 - Hanson's If Only - made me think about how i felt for someone....

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    Gawd this is a very deep topic...and very clever one...thanks clear illusions

    Mine are as follows

    Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Well it speaks volumes about everything and when i first heard it all i was listening to at the time was elvis and stuff like that cause thats all my parents would listen to in the car...other than that it was madonna and michael jackson which my sisters were listening too...So yeah at a young age 8 or 9...i was influenced so severely by this song and well the influence still lives on...and well the rest they say is history)

    Bryan Adams - Summer of 69 (well bryan adam's when i was younger was a man who i thought was a genius...just after breaking away from what my parents were listening too this was the first cassette i ever brought...And well this song i kept on playing over and over again...this was the first song i learnt to play on guitar...even though im no longer a guitarist...the memories live on)

    Rage Against The Machine - Killing In The Name Of (the song introduced me to rebellion...even though it's not the greatest thing to learn when your a youngster you still need it...and im thankful ever since i learnt how to rebel and have my own point of veiws and well who hasnt yelled "Fuck you i wont do what ya tell me")

    Metallica - Turn The Page (the point in my life where i couldn't take everything that was happening in my life and i thought i had it worst in off in the world...then this song came out and well it definately showed that there's people worse off than me and i indeed had it pretty easy in life...)

    Cold - Bleed (this song i reckon is one of the greatest song's that has ever been is about a person who lives and bleeds for music...its a one of a kind song...its acoustic and raw and brings out true emotions...Everytime i hear makes me think if i didn't have music then i wouldn't be here today)

    (I told you it was a deep topic)


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    Cool topic, maybe deep in some cases but cool nevertheless...

    Ok, here goes my 2 pennies...

    1. Runaway Boys by Stray Cats, it was -79 or -80, i was getting piano-lessons and
    when i saw that video in telly i thought, Fuck the piano, i wanna be cool like those cats, he he
    im not dissing the Key-Players here, its just a very personal thing, and i was very young, around 10.
    Got myself a guitar the next X-mas, never been the same again, it has been the main thing in
    my life ever since. Girls comes and goes, but Guitars just keeps coming....

    2. Eruption by Edward Van Halen, i couldn't get it how could he be all over the neck at the same time
    (tapping). that was around -81 or -82. In those days there was no MTV or guitar mags to get the info,
    i had to wait a long time before i saw the "You Really got me" video and realized how tapping is done.

    3. Fight Fire With Fire by Metallica, heard it on radio and went w00t ! Damn it was extremely heavy
    music in those days, only Pantera have had the same kind of effect on me when they came out later.
    I was blown away how fast Lars was drumming and the Hetfields tight rythm-playing...

    4. Far Beyond the Sun by Y.J. Malmsteen, again, heard it on the radio first around -83, neo-classical
    music made me really practise the guitar, hours on end to figure how to get the speed happening,
    it was very cool in -80's to be able to play fast stuff..

    5. dr. Steve Vai on Alcatrazz, and DLR (song Shy Boy) : Eat them and smile, it was the technics he used in his whammy-bar,
    The Vibrato, he he he, i had to get me a guitar with a floating tremolo, start practising on those dives...
    I've been a big fan of Vai ever since, i think he is the most innovative and technical player in Rock genre alive...
    ...but that's just me saying... the man is The God on guitar.

    Some other songs i shoulda add is probably They Say It's Wonderful by Joey DeFrancesco from the Singin' and Swingin' album, it's smooth Jazz, but it turned my head to those jazzy chords totally, and this happened only some years back B). And what a Hammond B3 player he is, damn, and some songs Joey plays with late guitarists Danny Gatton, woo hoo, any guitarists shoulda hear that stuff..
    Some years back i started to have dreams about jamming with John Petrucci, Vai etc guys who plays the 7-stringer,
    so i worked hard to get the cash and bought me one, I couldnt handle it so I had to do some serious practinsing, i choose the song Caught in the Web (Dream Theater - Awake album) to be my first song I learned on 7th. string. Locked myself in a room for a month or so and did the homework. Cool thing about 7-stringers are, if you get tired of the "extra work" you can pick up a regular 6 stringer and it feels soooo much easier to play. Btw, i got really tiny hands and fingers....

    There is several other meaningfull songs too, some from S.R. Vaughan,
    Billy Sheehans bassworks on several albums, some classical music (Four Seasons- the Winter), cant remember all
    of those atm, i just woke up and getting my first coffee today, so maybe i forgot something.
    I could go on for a long time, things keep popping in my head now, ah, the memories...

    Spoiler: Show

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    I can't realy pick ceartin songs ...................I would have to say just music in general changed my life .

    It gives me hope,when I am hopless. It makes me scream out all the poison in my soul.
    I can stand under a dead blue sky singing an soon I will be in love with the world again.
    I make love with it on.
    I cry listening to it
    Sometimes I sit with Syd Barret laughing madly into the wind singing old Pink Floyd songs.

    Peace brotherdoobie

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    1. Beatles - A Day in The Life
    2. Peter Gabriel - Lay Your Hands On Me
    3. Brian Eno - Here Come the Warm Jets
    4. The Who - Behind Blue Eyes
    5. Roxi Music - In Every Dream Home a Heartache

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