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Thread: Czech court issues first sentence for illegal music file sharing

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    A case of illegal music file sharing on the Internet has resulted in a court sentence for the first time in the Czech Republic, police officer Libor Macek who deals with such cases told journalists today.

    The perpetrator, who used the name Lubsoft on the Internet, caused damage of more than one million crowns. He received a suspended sentence of seven months in prison.

    "We have uprooted the myth that the Internet is an anonymous environment. This simply is not true. Everybody who gets on the Internet actually becomes...a specific, non-anonymous participant," Jaromir Soukup from the Czech branch of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) said.

    Macek said that Czech music fans have been using illegal file-sharing more and more frequently. He said that up to 3500 users participate in some of these Internet systems during one day.

    Soukup said that first of all young people take part in illegal music file-sharing. However, people who work with computers also do it.

    The Czech branch of IFPI has been fighting against music file sharing through P2P networks for more than a year, the branch's head Petra Zikovska said.

    Zikovska said that the IFPI was able to reveal the identity of the file-sharers in cooperation with the police. Based on IFPI information, Czech police searched 13 homes of suspected file-sharers on April 11 and seized 20 PCs, three external discs and a hundred of CD ROMs.

    Soukup said that those who violate copyright face up to two years in prison and a fine twice as high as the damage caused.

    He said that the public needs more information about the problem as many people still do not know that P2P file sharing was illegal.


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    all cz people need to cover themself now...

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    All the countries are getting involved now.


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