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Thread: Best Linux Distro?

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    Im new to linux and would like to learn. What distro is the best for both ease of use and that i can learn from so i can use other distros in the future?

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    this post came up before
    Back then I recommended Mandrake 9 and it is good, but I just installed Red hat 9 (isos from ) and it was quite a bit easier to set up. Its not only more up to date in terms of the hardware it can detect (on mine it picked up everything and everything works, which is quite impressive cos I;ve got quite a weird selection of old and very new stuff in there) but Red hat also seems to be slightly better supported by companies. Its popularity makes finding updates and support easier so I now think Red hat has the edge on Mandrake. Plus the configuration system seems to be better organised on Red Hat.

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    From what I've used, I'd recommend Red Hat 9.

    But then again, I'd recommend Windows XP, but I don't think that's what you're looking for....


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    Red Hat has been pretty good for me, as I am a Linux newbie too. You can get the iso's from the bittorent site too.

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    i like suse 8.2 but red hat is a good distro to start with.

    read alot about the install and bootloaders before you attempt it though


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