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Thread: v.small TD giveaway

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    5 invites to TD for free just write ur emails here ( gmail )
    for their ratios building weekend :
    We plan to have a ratio build weekend later this month. The proposed dates and times are, Friday 27th April, 22.00 GMT and will end at: Sunday 29th april, 22.00 GMT.

    These dates are provisional but I'm hoping that you people can get enough material together by then to make the weekend a success. If anyone thinks that this is undoable then please reply on the thread that I have created in the uploaders forum.

    Inactivity is getting high again. This would be an excellent opportunity to increase your upload stats and save yourself from demotion.

    so 5 TD invites

    Do not pm me requesting for invites as i have none to spare
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    pm sent


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