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    I am trying to convert a file with DVDRIP.XviD.ViTE.avi @ the end of the file name.
    I used TMPGEnc to try to convert it to SVCD but it keeps giving an error message format not supported. I'm pretty sure I've converted this type of file codec before.
    Is there another type of conversion software available?
    Is there any type of Codec Pack or patch I could DL for TMPGEnc?

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    have you tried to do it to VCD?

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    Yeah but it still give me the same ol' error.
    Thanks anyways.

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    can you post a screenshot of that error?

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    Sorry I can't get the screen shot to come up in the reply but the error message is like the error message for SVCD.
    It reads exactly

    File"C:/My Shared Folder/The.Recruit.CD1.DVDRIP.XviD.ViTE.avi" can not open, or unsupported.

    This message comes up in a grey box with TMPEnc in the to left hand side of the blue title bar and there is a large red circle with a white X on the left-hand side of the error message.
    The only choice is to click the OK button situated in the middle bottom part of the box.

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    try changing the filename to: The Recruit CD1.avi

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    it is to do with the audio codec, u need to copy the audio to wav using virtual dub, then try.

    If its the video try opening the video in a player then pausing it and try to encode with the video open, then it should say it is supported

    need any help Pm me

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    Thanks for the helpin' a brother out!

    I tried renaming the file same error message.
    I tried to open a media player same error message.
    I going try to convert the audio to a wave file do I have to demultiplex and then remultiplex some how and can I do that with virtual dub.
    Are Sound Forge or Gold Wave any good for doing the same type of thing.


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