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    sorry im new where can i download xbox games from???

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    there is none so far...

    only the old classic systems up to n64, n gameboy advance

    --&#62; <-- my homepage has gameboy advance roms, sega, super nintendo and nintendo and a few n64...

    ummm playstation roms you need to get an emulator and use the real cd to play it...

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    Originally posted by Soul814@4 June 2003 - 21:15
    there is none so far...
    yeah there are, i got brute force right now on my pc ::rolls eyes::

    download mirc at then use to find people and places to download them from

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    Cant wait for halo 2

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    no sorry i have an xbox with 80 gig hard drive and i want to download real xbox games to play on that (it is chipped) not emulators

    my fault sorry should have explaned that first


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