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Thread: Raids, Pirates and Potter. Did I mention a firestorm?

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    From the fake Harry Potter to the 2-click beaten anti-piracy program, we have it from TorrentFreak (updates from
    4/19-4/21). I decided to merge the topics for sake of space, but still feel free to comment on any.

    “Getting a pre-release item via P2P can be an exciting experience for some file-sharers. Unfortunately, BitTorrent users hoping to snare a leaked copy of the final book in the Harry Potter series haven’t been getting quite what they’d hoped for.”

    Melindaleo, a fan fiction writer for the Harry Potter series, released a piece of her work named “The Seventh Horcrux”, but was distributed as the final book in the HP Series. She denies renaming the *.torrent file and fears of ruining her reputation and attracting legal attention. J.K. Rowling, the author of the original series, has expressed through a spokesman that she was “flattered people wanted to write their own stories.”

    Harry Potter BitTorrent Fake Upsets J.K. Rowling Fan

    “Police in Poland have mounted an operation against a DirectConnect network situated within a university campus. Officers dismantled the operation following claims of students trading large quantities of unauthorized music, films and software.”

    Koszalin University of Technology was raided by police after reports showed that 35,000GB of movies, music and software were available to download from a DirectConnect network at a University. They confiscated one PC running the hub software, 10 laptops and 60 hard drives. So far three students were taken into custody, but other hub admins and major uploaders are expected to be targeted.

    Police Raid University, Dismantle P2P Network

    “Firestorm is a new Firefox extension that enables Firefox users to download and monitor .torrent files in their browser. Firestorm is being developed as part of a Senior Software Engineering project at PennStateUniversity. The first Alpha release is expected to be released later today.”

    Firestorm Adds BitTorrent Support to Firefox

    “eDonkey and BitTorrent users caught up in the latest Logistep anti-piracy sweep haven’t got much to smile about, facing threats, legal action and for many, accusations that are simply untrue. For those who would prefer not to have their privacy invaded by Logistep in the future, this anti-piracy cloud has a silver lining. Indications are, this system can be defeated.”

    Its complicated. Check source for more…

    P2P Anti-Piracy System Defeated With 2 Clicks

    There’s even an old story about a Warez leader who faces 10 years in jail after pleading guilty. I've already added the link to the thread we have here.
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