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Thread: The Hulk

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    Sorry not clued up enough to post hashes etc but get this game if your a fan, its awesome.

    I can post file sizes though i suppose.

    disk 1: FLT-HULA.BIN - 739,367kb - 722MB
    disk 2: FLT-HULB.BIN - 650,485kb - 635MB
    disk 3: FLT-HULC.BIN - 601,646kb - 587MB (this disk has the crack too)

    Full install is 1.9gigs

    If you haven't watched the film or plan too, hold of playing till you seen the film. This game has some movie related plot interwined in this game.

    ps. i got my version of irc but its now on kazaa

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    Yeah i agree about watchin the film first, will make the game more interesting for you!


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