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    Iv'e seen ISO files types over time while using Kazaa..what are they exactly and how do they work? I recently d/l a file that had and extension of .iso.exe. Thanks in advance.

    Windows XP home Edition is my OS

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    ISOs are CD images. As in, big archives that you can burn onto a CD with Nero or a similar program.

    Read the FAQ (link at the top of the page) for more info.

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    A word of advice for people that dont have the "good" cd burning software and have just bought new computers with that crappy manufacture software.

    Make sure you burn an actual image of a iso file when putting it to cd. I have noticed that various computer companies that sell computers with the cd-r drives and give you that shitty software for burning.

    Just be sure to burn an "image" and not to burn raw data. Burning data and not an actuall image will only transfer the .iso file to the disk meaning thats all your going to have on there and not the actual disk media. And this software thats built into the new computers most of the time will only allow data, music, and exact copy.

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    if you dont have a burner i suspect you do, or you dont want to use cd-rs on something you dont think might not be real, i dont blame you. you can use winiso to view the contence of it, or alchoal 120% to mount it.


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