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Thread: A Good Sugestion?

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    hi everyone!!!! I need help with something... I just bought my self a dvd-rom and I need suggestions for a good dvd-ripper so I can turn the dvds I rent into avi and transfer them into a cd with my cd-rw... help!!! Oh, take into considaration that I don't have a big HD (hard disk ) thanx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Search for MOVIE JACK with google.

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    goto then click GUIDES. they are very good and comprehensive.


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    Doom9 has a link to DVDx 2.0, which will rip the movie to VCD, SVCD, or Mpeg-4 (Divx/Xvid) in one step, without ripping the huge vobs to you're hard disk....check it out. B)

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    FYI: a movie ripped from a DVD will take up 4-5Gb+ of space.


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