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Thread: Seedbox help once again

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    Ok im starting to get the hang of my seedbox i have everything downloaded and is currently seeding but the question is how can i transfer the files from my seedbox to my personal computer? I should have the thing installed but dont know what program it is as someone told me to install all these things as he was helping me out

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    I think you will need an FTP client to transfer files from your box to your computer.
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    If you are using windows, just download any old FTP Server.
    If you are using a form of linux, you will have to use yum or apt-get to install an ftp server.
    Then use a client such as Filezilla to d/l from it to your computer.

    If you already use SSH and putty, then you can use PSFTP, which is PuTTy's ftp client, its cli though.

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