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Thread: Wtf Is I.r.c?

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    I have heard it mentioned a million times, read a little (very little admittedly) about it, and still can't see what makes it special over yahoo/aol/trillian/msn messenger etc............please tell me what makes it so different and special? And please, no patronising *well, idiot, it's special because of.......* replies. Cos as we/you know, some uses don't seem so obvious til you are a veteran user!

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    you a member why post in the guestroom

    internet relay chat.

    the original chat program and also great for downloads

    mirc go get that read the guides on the site.

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    Downloading Mirc 6.03 now, perhaps i should have done that instead of making this thread? I am now changing this thread to *any tricks you can do with Mirc that make it special *

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    can someone delete this post, i downloaded Mirc, and it sucks a rats ass, i think i'll stick to soulseek for my file transfers!

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    irc is irc. bah

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    it suck for some and it's great for other who are obsess with it. but from an unbiased opinion, i say it is so so. not great not bad, just another average program to talk to other and swap a few files. amen to that.

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    IRC is for computer geeks that want their files fast. It takes some learning, but it works great. SS is nice too, but its the most basic program out there. Won't be long until that network ends up like fasttrack.
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    the fact is irc is actually quite easy to use

    Fine the server u want

    find the xdcc bot offering what u want

    then pm them type xdcc list: to see what they have

    xdcc send #<then the packet number> : that will send u the file

    thats it

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    Originally posted by squarephex@4 June 2003 - 12:15
    can someone delete this post, i downloaded Mirc, and it sucks a rats ass, i think i&#39;ll stick to soulseek for my file transfers&#33;
    uh. noob.

    first you act like you understand that IRC is a chat protocol, then you complain when it turns out not to be an ideal p2p system. maybe that&#39;s because IRC is CHAT. it has file transfer abilities grafted onto it... but... it&#39;s CHAT. DUH.


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