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Thread: Which of the level 2 and 2.5's have the most original content?

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    I've got so many level 2 and 2.5 sites, that it's just not realistic for me to keep them all.

    Before I look into giving them away or otherwise getting rid of them I want to get peoples' opinions.

    Which of the level 2 and 2.5's have the most original content?
    I don't care how fast they are or pre-releases, or anything else like that.
    I'm just looking for the ones that have stuff I can't find on other trackers.

    The ratings for content here tend to be more about speed and pre-times or how many torrents rather than how much original content.

    To give an example of what I mean, I already think UKnova, Diwana, and AoM have loads of original content. Demonoid is the only place I know to get current Howard Stern shows (although some are on Redskunk). I'd say Oink Me, Bitme and BitmeTV too but those are level 3 or 3.5's.

    So what do ya'll think?

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    never heard of redskunk, its easyer name which sites you are thinking of getting rid of, then someone can tell you what its worth to them, you don't have to trade them, just see what people would be willing to give for them, it's your choice to let them go or keep them.

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    What I mostly meant is that many trackers have the same stuff,
    and I'm looking for sites that have more original content than fast speeds, rarity, or pretimes...

    But I'll have to make a list of what I have and post it here when I get some time...

    Redskunk is and sometimes posts Howard Stern shows on Demonoid. I think they are closed now, but they open up sometimes.

    But Demonoid is really the place to go for Stern stuff.
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