Are you tired of constantly refreshing this section waiting for good offers and giveaways, making screenshots and erasing private information? Well, you need to automate all this stuff.
First, get Web-Site Watcher from, trial version is fully functional. Its a great tool for monitoring web-site changes. With it you can also monitor signup pages of sites which open signups once in a while, like UKNova and Swebits.
Create a bookmark using bookmark wizard, selecting header of topic list, time of post and end of topic list.

Then go to bookmark properties and add keywords which will trigger the alarm - you probably don't need alerts about yet another level 5 trade if you're looking for free invites to level 2 trackers (and vice versa).

If you want to be able to browse the site using Web-site Watch internal browser, you should go to "Cookies" section of "Advanced" tab and select "Internal cookie system". Then launch mini-browserand login to FST. Your cookie will be saved and used for subsequent requests.
Then go to "Auto-watch" section and choose update time. That's all bookmark options you need to set. Be sure to press "Auto watch" button in toolbar and you don't have to pay attention to forum. When something interesting comes up, you'll be alerted.

Now to ratio proofpics. Its kinda stupid to do all this erasing manually each time you need a pic with todays date. I use Photoshop actions for this. Here's what you need to do to create one. Login at the tracker you need to create pic for, go to your profile and maximize browser window (sorry, Mac users). Press PrintScreen to capture a screenshot. Go to Photoshop, create new Action with name like "TL blackout" and start recording it. Create new file, paste clipboard, crop and start destroying info you consider private with rectangle tool. Then save image for web. You have to repeat this process for each site you use, but after that creation of ratio shot takes only a couple of clicks.

Hope that will be useful for all the newbies trying to get into good trackers.